Welcome to the winworks.ai blog

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Hey there, my name is Josh Gray, and I’m co-founder of winworks.ai. Through this work I’ve been promoting precision canvassing and the utilization of new tools and methods, like machine learning, in politics.

All of us can agree that with greater information and context our decisions dramatically improve. Machine learning takes vast amounts of tiny bits of information, finds impactful correlations, and provides even better information as it continues to learn and get more data. Most people aren’t even aware they’ve witnessed machine learning working: Netflix uses it to recommend your next movie or binge-watch, Amazon recommends what additional purchases you might like, and the most famous example is to simply Google something. That is also only three of the countless ways machine learning can and is being used right now.

It’s time for campaigns, candidates, activists, organizations, and yes, our government, to start catching up and working to work not just hard, but smart. Precision canvassing is going to be a big part of that –stronger surrogates conversing on each voter’s issues, convincing apathetic citizens to vote, and targeted information to make each voice, volunteer, and vote count. With areas in the country still using clipboards and paper while canvassing, winworks.ai and machine learning tools have the power to revolutionize how elections are done from your local city council seat to presidential races.

So with this blog, we’ll be working to capture those ideas, moments, stories, and more that we come across and that can provide insight on politics, machine learning, and how it relates and impacts you.

  • You might be someone looking to see how machine learning is entering politics and what that means for your community, country, and future.
  • You might be a candidate, would-be candidate, or campaign looking for ways to reach more voters, be more effective, and win an election.
  • Maybe you’re a member of an activist organization looking at how to better mobilize and speak out on the issues you’re passionate about.
  • Or you might be part of a non-profit looking to effectively preach their cause to potential donors, volunteers, and nearby communities.
  • Or someone who has time, money, talent or just the inclination possibly impacted by a recent election – and looking for a little direction on how to make a genuine difference.

The goal here is to serve and work with you to discuss how we can improve and better our communities and to help realize how machine learning and AI can work for us to accomplish our lofty aspirations. Whatever the specifics of your life and goals we’re happy to have you here.