Why Precision Canvassing?

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Talk to anyone who has done door-knocking or phone-banking of any kind and it quickly becomes obvious that it isn’t an easy task. The people you’re trying to reach can be apathetic, other volunteers can be unmotivated, and methods of operation are often dated. Time is wasted trying to reach people who end up having no interest in the subject and little patience. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening on occasion. Sometimes it’s just unfair.

The positive to these challenges is there is always something we can do about it. We can be more personable, we can boost team morale, we can train ourselves to be better and more, but the one that we’ll focus on today is Precision Canvassing.

Precision Canvassing utilizes common technology (i.e. an app on your phone) with a new process via machine learning, AI, and more to construct a formula for success on each and every interaction. Precision canvassing does more than find the right precinct to walk, it pairs each voter to the best message for them. It’s talking to a union member about worker’s rights and fair wages. To parents about their child’s school. Millennials about college debt relief. Retirees about their Social Security and Medicare. It’s relating to each person by talking about what affects them and how policy alternatives will improve their lives.

For a person going to canvass that can be a lot of information on varied subjects to be informed about – Precision Canvassing takes it all into account. The app contains a Wiki that is built with the campaign or organization’s priorities in mind enabling volunteers and staff to refresh on topics between each interaction. Sourced from the campaign, organization, approved affiliates, and agreed upon sources it informs and helps each person know and stick to the message that works best.

As good sales personnel know, you’re not just selling the product – you’re selling yourself too. That’s why the process takes into account not just the right message, but the right person to deliver the message. Knowledge of relevant topics, being a local, speaks their language, and more all goes into account for the best formula of the voter’s tastes, the message to be delivered, and who is delivering it to achieve success.

Organizing becomes far more simple and easy to do. Finding the catalyst of potential volunteers, voters, and donors to get them engaged is done continuously and on a micro-level by machine learning and AI tools. The feedback process guarantees exponential improvement of the tools, volunteers, and staff while providing leadership and back office personnel with more detailed information than ever and putting it in context for how it bears on realizing the end goals.

Precision Canvassing is the future for in-person outreach. By personalizing interactions to inspire and engage Americans, help volunteers best use their time and talent for good, and bringing operation methods into the 21st Century we can take the challenges we face today and develop them into strengths.

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