Yes, Virginia, your vote does count

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In case you haven’t heard, every single voter in the Virginia House of Delegates race mattered today .

If even one person had skipped the polls, or had stayed home out of hopelessness in the face of voter suppression, the winner of the 94th district, and the majority party in Virginia’s House of Delegates, would be different.  Instead,  the democrat, Shelly Simmonds, won, with 11,608 out of 23,215 ballots. And, for the first time in 17 years, the GOP has lost its majority.

In Hillbilly Elegy, author J.D. Vance writes about  his challenges growing up in the white working class, and reflects on a solution: “if there’s one thing I could change…[it’s] the feeling that our choices don’t matter.”  Today, in Virginia, they did.  Voters persevered against forces that, for many in the United States, leave them at home, hopeless, lacking any sense that they can make a difference.

Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation last summer that  voter suppression efforts like gerrymandering and restrictive voter ID laws are a “national scandal…we are the only democracy in the world that is actively discouraging people from voting.”

Today, this changes.  So yes, Virginia, every single one of you, your vote does count.

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