Let’s Make Some History

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Until relatively recently, most everyone – including historians – believed history was made by “Great Men” or “Heroes.” In his highly acclaimed book, “A People’s History of the United States”, Howard Zinn says he chose, “. . . to the limited extent that any one person [can], however he or she strains, [to] ‘see’ history from the standpoint of “others.” In the past, history was written by the “winners”, regardless of who it was actually made by. Today, history is being written by many who were citizens of former colonies or members of an oppressed or forgotten group, and it is being made by these “people”, not by who we sometimes refer to as the “elites.”

If we’ve learned nothing from the past general election in the United States, it’s that we must move from a society where change is only in the hands of the few. We must strive to be a more participatory democracy than we’ve previously been. We at winworks.ai believe we can help bring our political life to a point where that can become a reality.

Political canvassing has been a part of electoral strategy since the Roman Republic, when candidates would shake the hands of all eligible voters in the forum, seeking their support. In the U.S., canvassing has traditionally involved both persuasion and GOTV. With the advent of database-driven tools providing a compilation of useful data, modern canvassing has grown more precise. Winworks.ai adds to the level of precision possible when canvassing for a candidate, a cause, or even a product.

In the 2016 general election, nearly 40% of all registered voters did not make it to the polls to vote. Helping people to see a reason to vote, to engage with them in issues they find important enough to energize their participation, is the goal of winworks.ai. Using modern technology – as well as time-honored analytical methods – winworks.ai not only provides precision targeting of voters, thereby allowing canvassers to more precisely engage in useful conversations, it also provides the capability of collecting and updating the data in order to better understand a candidate’s constituency. It provides continuous, near realtime feedback, updating, and deep learning analysis of what’s important to the citizens being targeted, ensuring conversations are far more meaningful.

Since the main goals of political canvassing are to either persuade a citizen to support a particular candidate, or to increase the possibility of that citizen going to the polls on election day and expressing that support with a vote, we’ve created a system that provides candidates, organizations, and volunteers with the tools to make them even more successful than in the past.

In 2016 technology, including social media, was used to distract and divide voters. We believe these tools should be used to provide communication, education, and collaboration to the electorate, so they can make better, more informed decisions. Winworks.ai is our attempt to help make that happen.