We are a group of technical and political experts and enthusiasts, devoted to promoting and preserving true democratic processes that respect each and every voter and their desire to know what’s going on with their government and, most importantly, with those candidates seeking their support. We believe honest conversation between campaign workers and the voters they seek to engage is the best method for both educating the voting public and getting out the vote.


Josh Gray’s background is in public service and politics, at the White House and beyond. Josh worked as an Obama staffer in the White House Communications Department, where he tracked breaking news including domestic & international affairs for senior admin officials & the Situation Room. During his tenure, he tracked such precarious & diverse situations as the attempted coup in Turkey, the Orlando shooting, and the 2016 election. Previously, he reviewed and fact-checked remarks of the then President and First Lady. Before the White House, Josh served as a Campaign Manager and Chief Strategist for local California campaigns. At Winworks, he leads the management team, sales efforts, and the overall market strategy.



Dr. Lorien Pratt is a pioneer in machine learning with three decades of experience, having developed the first algorithms used to transfer knowledge between machine learning neural networks. Time and again Lorien has successfully delivered AI solutions to clients worldwide including the Carter Center, the Human Genome Project, DARPA, the Department of Energy, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the US federal judiciary, and more. A former college professor, she led Stratecast’s global OSS/BSS consulting and analyst team for several years.  Lorien coauthored the book Decision Engineering: A Primer with Mark Zangari and coedited Learning to Learn with Sebastian Thrun.  Lorien provides technology solutions.



Nadine Malcolm has four decades of experience leading diverse projects for banks, insurance companies, B2B software firms, and the Veterans Administration.  Nadine is an MIT graduate and former computer science professor.  In Nevada she was a campaign precinct captain, where she trained and organized over 1,000 canvassers and phone bankers. At winworks Nadine serves as COO and does the hard work of keeping everything flowing and productive.





Dale Blommendahl is the Founder and a board member of XYPRO Technology Corporation: a data security software company with over 30 years of experience, clientele that includes Fortune 100 companies and banking industry leaders, and over 100 employees. Dale is also a Former Army Intelligence Field Office commander and has done core security work on Worldwide Command and Control System for the Joint Chiefs. In addition to his work with winworks, he is also active in progressive community politics.