Precision canvassing wins you more votes

winworks begins with a dynamic iPhone/Android application, plus a web-based management portal. Key capabilities:

  • Uses state-of-the-art deep learning to match voters with issues and canvassers
  • Includes the usual walk list features on a mobile device. When canvassers hear about a new voter issue, it is sent immediately to headquarters.
  • The mobile device includes a comprehensive wiki with information about your messaging: can be used during voter conversations for a deep dive.
  • Easy to configure: campaign workers manage canvassers through a browser on any device

Political Intelligence adds state-of-the-art, easy-to-use tools to enhance your campaign

winworks workflow diagram

winworks matches the ideal canvasser to each voter based on location, issues, canvasser skills, and more.

Key capabilities:

  • Rapid feedback:  documents each encounter to make the next one better
  • Workflow engine maximizes canvasser efficiency and coordinates efforts
  • Dynamic information portal at your canvassers’ fingertips provides the best information possible
  • Web management portal to manage tasks, voters, canvassers, wiki, and more
  • Interoperability with your existing data
  • Plus many breakthrough capabilities planned for the future to maximize the outcome of every action taken by your campaign
  • We also offer data analytics and  machine learning services, whether or not you use winworks

Push the boundaries of innovation with the latest in artificial intelligence – designed to win you more votes.  Streamline crucial campaign processes and tasks using winworks automated workflow.


  • Increases voter turnout
  • The closest way you can get a two-way conversation with your entire constituency
  • Supports high-quality conversations between surrogates and voters


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Matches the best canvassers to voters
  • Supports both phone and walk canvassing
  • Determines best issue to discuss with each voter
  • Optimizes canvasser time
  • Galvanizes positive collaborative action
  • Deploys low-risk technology, proven for decades in marketing